About Urban Wilderness

Per the blog description, urban wilderness / city paradise imagines all creation reclaimed, restored, and transformed into the reign of heaven on earth!

Although I've blogged some of the notes and handouts from bible studies I've facilitated and participated in on desert spirit's fire, it seemed like an excellent idea to create a separate place for others, especially the really old ones I'd saved and re-typed. When I started blogging in July 2002 with desert spirit's fire I included everything remotely theological, but that blog gradually acquired a specific personality that continues to evolve. I still post some study notes there that don't make it over to here, and some are here that aren't there; I mainly want to be sure everything gets saved in digital form.

Posts from January 2016 and counting are my own notes from the Sunday morning mostly-RCL adult forum I facilitate at ELCA Church of The Master in West Los Angeles, California, USA, Planet Earth.

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