Saturday, May 06, 2006

GRACE - In the Bible and in my Life: Session 1

Here's the first of the grace studies I did with one of my confirmation classes. Once again, I posted the 2nd before this one (infra) so they could be read logically and in order—decently and in order, maybe?


  • What grace is:
  • What grace is not:
Grace is one of the most important realities in God's relationship to us: a theological concept or idea—what does that mean? Sometimes grace is contrasted with law, sometimes with judgment. Sometimes it is set up over and against sin. Grace is about God's love and God's Reign. Because of this, when we talk about grace we always are talking both about God's relationship to us and about our relationship to each other. However, these important Bible passages about grace may emphasize God's relationship to us. From the Hebrew Bible, two "covenants of grace":
  • Genesis 8:8-17
  • 2 Samuel 7:8-16
Grace in Jesus' ministry:
  • Luke 4:16-19
By grace God calls us out; by grace God sends us out:
  • Mark 3:13-15
Paul of Tarsus is sometimes called "the apostle of grace." From the letter he wrote to the Church at Rome, we have some key verses for understanding of God's grace in our lives:
  • Romans 3:21-24
  • Romans 5:20-21

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